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Sub-Board I, Inc. is a non-for-profit corporation, founded by U.B. students in 1970, designed to enhance the quality of student life at U.B. The corporation is owned by the seven student governments, whose representatives sit on the Board of Directors. Of the 15 representatives on the Board of Directors, four officers are elected annually to preside over the corporation. Sub-Board I, Inc. provides many services that help students in a practical and educational way. All students are encouraged to participate in the corporation and to make use of its services.

Sub Board I, Inc. Bylaws

Organizational Chart

Seven Student Gover­nments

Mission Statement

Sub-Board I, Inc. is a dynamic Student Service Corporation and our mission statement is as follows:

To proactively serve the concept of a student owned and operated not-for-profit service corporation. This is perpetuated through our programs and activities which are coordinated by a team of people who will develop and maintain a professional demeanor. This service orientation results in an enhancement of the quality of student life.

To continually assess the services and then provide programs which students desire and need. To teach, encourage, nurture and enhance student growth through their involvement with the decision making process and the implementation of the result of that decision.

To be accessible, efficient and to promote student awareness.

To become a global community, sharing the responsibility of promoting Sub-Board I as a strong all encompassing philosophy. This enables students and staff to assume ownership in providing student services and programs which may not otherwise be provided by the University.

To function as the custodial and disbursing agent for student activity fees.

Legal Disclaimer

This Website is Owned by Sub-Board I, Inc (SBI).

SBI is not owned or operated by the University at Buffalo. SBI is a student-owned and operated not-for-profit corporation completely separate and distinct from the University at Buffalo. All information on this site is listed by SBI in its sole discretion. The University at Buffalo bears no responsibility for the content of this site.